Profesor Facilitador Viajes Astrales

Un poco de historia

Jeroen Krieger is a master of Out of Body Experiences, also known as Astral Journeys. He has been trained by The Monroe Institute and did the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) Training with Dolores Cannon. These trainings and his extensive experience of hundreds of Astral Journeys, has enabled him to develop a unique, highly effective method for guiding individuals beyond our physical reality and connecting them consciously to their Higher Self, and beyond.

Many of Jeroen’s clients describe the impact of his work as mind-blowing and life-changing. He guides individuals gently, consciously, and with great care beyond their physical bodies into the realm of the Higher Self, where transformative experiences occur. In alignment with their personal growth and current needs, clients encounter insightful Spirit Guides, discover their life missions, undergo various forms of healing, connect with ancestors, or explore their origins. The possibilities for exploration and experiences are truly limitless.

Jeroen walks the path of enlightenment not as a goal but as a natural consequence of how he lives his life. He navigates through life consciously, attuned to energies ranging from the physical to the most subtle levels. His level of sensitivity brought him his mediumship abilities, allowing him to communicate consciously with souls of departed individuals.

Since a young age, Jeroen has been intrigued by realities beyond the physical. Embarking on Astral Journeys has added another dimension to his perception of reality, moving him beyond the confines of 3D existence into what feels like a 4D reality. He consciously accesses this additional layer for information, education, healing, and entertainment. His profound experience in Samadhi in 2006 solidified his understanding that all is one.

“I am you
As much as
You are me
On the surface
All reflections
Of Love”

Jeroen finds great joy in bridging the physical and non-physical realms in a conscious manner and to share his gifts, it’s his life mission. In addition to his conventional practice, he has a deep appreciation for Tantra as a powerful means of expanding awareness beyond the physical realm through the energies of the body.

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