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Amerai Carrera para Tantra Esencia de Vida



Therapist, facilitator and trainer with established experience in Tantra, Neotantra and Conscious Sexuality. I accompany you to connect with your authentic essence and guide you on a magical and healing journey to the depths of being.

My method offers a combination of Tantra and Personal Growth Psychotherapy that will transform your life, an integral and holistic path of metamorphosis in which love and consciousness facilitate a full awakening to your true potential as a human being.

I offer you my guide by a way already lived, by a path that I know and in which I give you the hand. I accompany you and invite you to feel the explosion of your heart, unconditional love, inner movement, awakening of kundalini, meditation, fusion of sexual energy with spirituality and sexual healing in all its breadth.

A little history

From an early age, I was interested in understanding the behavior of those people I loved and how my relationship with them worked. This deep motivation led me to a deep and continuous exploration of my own wounds, insecurities, needs, fears and shortcomings. My personal work grew an intense love for myself and a deep empathy for others. This empathy was channeled into my need to learn to liberate and accompany others on their journey.

So I decided to train in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnosis, Gestalt Therapy, Conscious Breathing, Inner Child Healing and Codependency. Yoga and Tantra led me to surrender, compassion, ecstasy and detachment.

I cooperated for almost five years with Tantra and Conscious Love and with its founder, Hari Dass, with whom I shared and healed on an intimate, personal and working level; A transformative experience that will remain for life, for which I will be eternally grateful.

My desire was and is to share with the world those tools that served me for my own survival and in my struggle for the joy, magic and freedom of being.


Today I reach out my hand and invite you to the trip of the Hummingbird, to open wings, fly and tastes the nectar of freedom and personal healing. I invite you to live your life from the magic of developing the most authentic, the most free, your inner being.

My illusion is to offer a holistic service, where love and cooperation among the Tantra Essence of Life team help us to continue to grow, love and share, to feel recognized, valuable and happy in every gesture, word and thought, to Being part of the flowering and awakening of your potential; So that, like us, you can find your mission, your vocation, your place in this wonderful planet.

I am grateful for what every day life brings me and teaches me, for everything I discover in me, in you, in the other.


Conscious Tantra and Sexuality Instructor certified at Source School of Tantra Yoga in California by Charles Muir.

Tantra Instructor and Conscious Sexuality certified in Tantra and Conscious Love by Hari Dass.

Yoga teacher, Sivananda lineage. Formed with Sivananda Yoga at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Paradise Island (Bahamas).

Yoga teacher. Formed with Saúl Martínez and Carme Horta.

Certified Codependency and Inner Child Healing Therapist at the Learning Love Institute by Krishnananda and Amana.

Certified therapist at Meta Escola de Autoconeixement, combining techniques such as NLP, Hypnosis, Gestalt Therapy and Conscious Breathing.

Master in Human Resources: techniques of motivation, communication and leadership.

She has also received teachings from other teachers

Saúl Martínez. Tantra. Yoga.

Diana and Michael Richardson. Neotantra for couples.

Anubuddha and Anasha. Conscious Touch.

Jutta Kellenberger. Sexual Taoism.

Lama Namkha. Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

Tulku Lobsang. Tantra Buddhist Tantra.

Carmen Enguita and Michel Riu. Alchemical Sexuality II.

Dr. Joe Dispenza. Progressive Course in Sitges.


Correo electrónico: amerai@tantraesenciadevida.com

Correo electrónico: claudia.mayr@sbg.at

Teléf: 699143706